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Established in 1988, Joy Paper Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of release paper for carbon fiber, package, label, medical and various adhesive tapes. Based on the modern factory of 8,000 sqm. in combination with a wide range of sophisticated production equipment, Joy Paper has high production capacity of up to 72,000,000 m per year.

Supported by our outstanding resources, Joy Paper will strive hard to cultivate the worldwide market. At the same time, we will constantly upgrade our technical level for offering higher performance release paper for our customers.



    • PE liners for release paper
    • Main grades – one side or two side PE laminate coated base paper.
    • Production capacity – 72,000,000 m/year
    • PE laminate machines -
      (A) 1700 mm width / speed 200 m/min.
      (B) 1700 mm width / speed 190 m/min.
    • Equipped with – method of three in one PE laminate.

    • PE paper for release liners.
    • Main grades – one side or two side silicone coated PE paper · PET · GLASSINE · CCK
    • Production capacity – 60,000,000 m/year.
    • PE laminate machines -
      (A) 1450 mm width / speed 100 m/min
      (B) 1600 mm width / speed 100 m/min
    • Coating method – Wire bar, Gravure, Gravure Offset, 5 rolls.

    • Carbon
    • G fiber
    • Label
    • Package
  • Tape
  • Medical
  • Other